Business and Commercial Law

Business and Commercial Law

Our commercial and business practice is diverse. We represent and advise clients who have a need for corporate, limited liability and partnership entity services by creating, administrating and dissolving such entities. We also represent individuals who choose not to form entities and operate as sole proprietorships.

We have represented Membership Interest Holders, Stockholders, Managers, Directors and Boards of Directors in evaluating and advising on offers for stock and asset sales, shareholder disputes, acquisitions and mergers, secured and unsecured loan transactions and private placements. We also, when requested, are available to seek out sources of special funding to meet unique business needs or for specific transactions.

Richard Polivy’s practice in the Commercial and Business areas is concentrated in matters relating to secured and unsecured financial transactions and business organization creation, financing and restructuring. Mr. Polivy has significant experience in matters relating to manager, shareholder and director disputes, timeshare conversion and financing, aviation related matters including aircraft acquisition and financing, pilot regulation and enforcement matters and private practice physician group representation in their normal office operations and in connection with acquisition and divestitures to and from health care providers.

Houston Putnam Lowry practices in the areas of complex commercial litigation, arbitration, mediation, creditor bankruptcy matters (including related litigation), foreclosures, contract disputes, landlord-tenant matters, administrative law matters, unfair trade practices matters, uniform domain name dispute resolution procedures (UDRP), computer crime matters, tax matters, international and enforcement of foreign judgments (domestic and international). Mr. Lowry has acted as a neutral in over 500 reported UDRP cases.

Dale Clayton’s practice addresses matters relating to secured and unsecured financial transactions and business organization creation, financing and restructuring primarily for banks and lenders and in connection with timeshare financing.

Current clients include The Signature Group of Companies, TD Bank, N.A, Peoples United Bank, First Niagara Bank, Farmington Bank, Liberty Bank and New England Bank as well as many other New England regional banks in their more local and regional needs. The firm is not limited to Connecticut or New England in its representation capabilities. We have represented both lenders and borrowers nationwide, in Canada and the Caribbean.

Our clientele in the Commercial and Business aspects of our practice include entities which lend funds such as banks, finance and mortgage companies and entities which receive and borrow funds. We have are capable of representing of both lenders and borrowers but in connection with matters involving liquidation and arrangement proceedings under the Bankruptcy Code, we limit our representation of individual or entities to lenders, creditors and secured parties.