State trial referee and fact finder decisions by Houston Putnam Lowry

Superior Court awards and reports

Connecticut appoints some lawyers as trial referees or fact finders pursuant to Connecticut’s statutory scheme. Houston Putnam Lowry is appointed as both. He rendered decisions in the following cases:

Sulewski v. Green, (Docket #CV-03-0521924-S) (8/112006)
Blumberg Associates, Inc. v. P.A. Mason Contractors, Inc., (Docket # CV-03-0824181-S) (3/22/2004)
C&G Electric v. Tom Fredo Builders, LLC (Docket #CV-00-0597439-S) (8/19/2002)
Sams Floor Covering v. Dziedzic
(Docket #CV-00-0502616-S) (8/7/2000)
CT State Employees Credit Union v. Corona’s Auto Parts (Docket #CV-97-0483391-S) (10/26/1999)
Citibank (South Dakota) v. Zoppoli (Docket #CV-98-0581642-S) (6/24/1999)
Greenwood Trust v. Newberg (Docket #CV-99-0586313-S) (6/24/1999)
Cowles v. Cowles (Docket #CV-96-0477266-S) (2/26/1999)
Wes-Mar Construction v. Jasenczuk (Docket #CV-96-0472787-S) (10/22/1998)
Merry Employment v. Beacon Industries (Docket #CV-96-0565026-S) (6/6/1997)
Mednick v. Phillips (Docket #CV-95-0469076-S) (8/16/1996)
Tyree Organization v. Zaleski (Docket #CV-94-053886-S) (5/10/1996)
Sears, Roebuck v. Hairston (Docket #CV-95-0555048-S) (5/10/1996)
Connecticut Car Rental v. Chaves (Docket #CV-92-0514613-S) (5/6/1994)
Connecticut National Bank v. Crinnion (Docket #CV-92-0506236-S) (1/25/93)

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